What Is Python Best For?

Learn under which situations you can make the most out of Python

  • Data Science / AI
  • Scripting

API Development

There are some excellent frameworks for API development with Python, among those, there are 2 favorites among the development community, Django and Flask (on Flask I wrote an article on why I like it so much and a base project to set up your APIs, check it out here).

Django VS Flask

Both of these frameworks are great and will work for most situations, however, they follow different philosophies, some people like 1 more than the other and there are good reasons on both sides. Since both of these frameworks are so different in essence I’ll only give you the high level differentiation between the two, and I recommend that you read more about them and that you tried them both before deciding which is the best for you and your project.

  • Django on the contrary is an all-inclusive framework. You get all from libraries, to an admin panel, db interfaces, ORM, and even a solid directory structure for your apps out of the box.

Data Science / AI

Any time you want to work with data, from scraping, data analysis, visualization, machine learning or AI, Python will be your best friend. There are a number of important libraries for each one of these tasks, and they are great libraries, highly used in research and production environments.

What kind of projects are we talking about?

There are many many applications of python for data science and AI in general, I’ll mention here a few common projects Python is used for:

  • Sales predictions
  • Language processing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Recommendation systems (like music, videos, etc)
  • Classification
  • Computer vision
  • Self driving cards
  • many more….


Scripting usually refers to small programs (usually executed through command line) that are designed to automate simple tasks.

  • Backups: I like to make backups of my things in the cloud, but I also keep a copy in an external hard drive. I usually encrypt all that goes to the cloud (with the exception of Evernote, which doesn’t allow me). But when I make my backups into the drives, I use drive encryption, and I don’t want to have it double encrypted, so when I want to backup data into my drive, I run a python script which will decrypt the data and then move it to the drive.


Python is a very versatile programming language and thanks to its community and libraries you can pretty much do anything you want, though sometimes you shouldn’t. There’s no one language to rule them all, they all have advantages and disadvantages, and Python is no exception.

I’m an entrepreneur, developer, author, speaker, and doer of things. I write about JavaScript, Python, AI, and programming in general.

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