Learn web development with these fantastic courses and for only a few bucks (2021 edition)

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Juan Cruz Martinez


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I often hear or talk to people who want to get into tech, who want to learn to code, but they are terrified of its idea. It is common for people to think that to be a programmer, a web developer, you have to be a computer nerd, genius, or have some kind of innate talent for computer science, and it couldn’t be any more wrong.

Sure, computer science is a super hard discipline, and if you want a CS degree on top of all the technical classes, you also have that big scary math, but no worries, you probably don’t need that to work as a web developer and start changing your life.

It is essential to understand how computers, the internet, and browsers work, at least on a superficial level, and have the programming knowledge required to build websites and web applications.

With that said, if you focus your energy on learning how to program and learning the language of the web, you can already start applying for positions as a web developer, and I can promise you that YOU CAN DO IT!

After a conversation about that, the next question people ask is, how do I get started? , and I often share those tips and some resources and options they can use to learn.

When I share resources, I always give multiple options, from free resources like this site, freeCodeCamp , to expensive trainings like boot camps or, one of my favorites lately, Udacity .

And honestly, there are enough FREE resources to learn anything you need to know, but it’s not for everyone. Some people prefer the contents more prepared, more digested, but not everyone wants or can pay the high costs of the most expensive options, and here enters Udemy .

Udemy is a website that offers an incredible collection of courses which are user-generated and that you can get for a very low price. Even when courses are more expensive…



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